About Us

Established in 1985, Bengal Protea has quickly become one of America’s most trusted and reliable supplier of polished diamonds and custom pieces.

Trusted & Honest

We have maintained a JBT FIN1 rating from our inception. Our clients have learned to that we deliver the highest quality goods and industry leading customer service.

Large Inventory

From .05 to 10+ carats, we can help our clients and their customers find diamonds and unique pieces of jewelry that fit their budget and meet their buying criteria.

Innovative Diamond Search & Export Features

Our new and more powerful search tool will now allow you to quickly and easily search database, compare, select, view, and email yourself details on our inventory. Quickly and natively choose a percentage to mark up our goods so that you can easily send reports to your clients with little to no modification.

  • Mobile Compatible

    Search our database from any internet enable device. We have tested compatibility with desktop computer, apple and android tablets, iphones, android phones, and everything else. No flash or java required.

  • Innovative Filters & Sort

    New filters and sort options make everything easier to use. No need to search through hundreds of pages of inventory due to weak search features, our drop down boxes help you quickly find the inventory you need.

  • Select and Export

    New and more powerful select, filter, and export features allow you view and download reports in a variety of file formats so that you can easily import and print our inventory for your and your client’s needs.

  • Email Results

    With just 1 click, email your search results to anyone. Need to send these results to a customer? No problem, simply add their details into the appropriate fields and they will instantly receive an inventory list.

  • Request Items Instantly

    Easily and quickly request or put an item on hold. Once you have filtered and sorted our inventory to you person preference, simply select the goods that you want and request them online for an immediate response from us.

  • View High Resolution Certificates

    View & download high resolution certificates for any item in our inventory. The days of low resolution and faxing certificates are gone. We scan our certificates in ultra-high resolution and you can view them with just 1 click.

Dedicated To Excellence

From the beginning, our philosophy has always been one of committing excellent service, honesty, and transparency to our clients. We understand that our clients and their customers expect that we, as manufacturer and distributor of their goods, remain committed to providing them with high quality and fairly priced goods.

We take this responsibility seriously. From the point of origin to it’s final destination, each diamond that comes across our desk is inspected and described in detail to our customers so that they can focus on making the sale and giving their clients the happiness that comes with a new and shiny diamond.

  • Honesty In Business

    Our commitment to provide our clients with an honest and fair description of our goods is paramount.

  • Transparency In Inventory

    Our commitment to knowing the origin and history of goods is our single most important focus.

  • Fair & Reasonable Pricing

    We believe in the importance of proving our  clients with fair & reasonable pricing builds trust & long term loyalty.