About Our Goods

Bengal Protea Diamonds produces only the finest made diamonds and gems. We take pride in our goods and carefully delivers them to hundreds of wholesalers and retailers throughout the Americas and around the world. In addition to manufacturing our own goods, we partner with companies in key manufacturing and production areas to maximize the quality to our clients and diamond buyers across the value chain. We work alongside all members across our supply chain to oversee and take an active role their manufacturing procedures and cutting techniques and collaborate to minimize material loss. This ability to have direct oversight and place strict quality controls in place gives us the edge when delivering goods and services to our clients. Our uncompromising quality and fair and honest pricing structure rivals and can even exceed that of the largest wholesalers and manufacturers in the world.

  • Carat

    Our loose goods range from .005 carats to 20+ carats. We offer ideal cut melee stones that have G-H VS quality, most of which are hearts and arrows.

  • Color

    Colors range between D-M. We also offer Natural fancy yellows, blues, reds, pinks, greens, black, and dark brown diamonds.

  • Large Inventory

    We have a large inventory and offer nearly all the common shapes and even carry a few of the lesser common shapes. Clarities available range between flawless and I2.

  • Rough Procurement

    Rough goods are available upon request. Please contact us should you have a need for rough goods.

  • Certified Goods

    Over 80% of our diamonds are GIA certified, however we also offer EGL, AGS, and non-certified goods. We recognize the need to carry a variety of goods and we focus on having an exceptional range of stones to choose from.

Bengal Protea focuses on manufacturing and the distributing of loose stones, however we have a goldsmith on duty five days a week to fulfill the unique needs of our clients and their customers. We are aware that some jewelry stores may have special requests that only a master goldsmith can handle, and we want to ensure that, as a retailer, your are able to handle your customers’ requests.

As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we are on a never ending battle between balancing the needs of our customers and staying current on fashion trends and business practices. We are always working to refine and perfect our practices and procedures to strengthen our supply chain and bring our customers exceptional value.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Our partnerships and involvement with state of the art manufacturing facilities are operated directly by executive management, allowing us to directly tailor our production to our consumers precise requirements and quickly adjust to industry trends. Our specialties and tailors services are driven exclusively by the demand our our clients and our strict oversight enables us to meet our clients needs in a timely and accurate manner. Many of the leading brands around the world  rely on our factories and manufacturing facilities to fill the orders and request of their clients when they don’t carry the type of quantity of goods that is in immediate need.

Our factories is operated and managed by locally employed and fully trained staff who bring decades of experience and craftsmanship to an industry that requires precision, expertise, and dedication. Directed by our Antwerp and Tel-Aviv manufacturing departments, our master cutters possess a keen eye and elevate industry standards in innovation and excellence using only the most current technologies for enhanced efficiency and precision.


Hundreds of retailers, consultants, insurance companies, pawn shops, and diamond buyers trust Bengal Protea to provide them with high quality, conflict free, and competitively priced white and fancy colored diamonds. For over 30 years, we have been and continue to work with retailers and diamonds buyers of all sizes, from small mom and pop jewelry stores and large national tenants with hundreds of locations in the United States and around the world.

We pride ourselves on the ability to work with businesses of all sizes around the globe. Our emphasis on customer service and honest descriptions of the goods we sell ensures that our clients are always pleasantly surprised with what they receive from us. A large inventory of high quality goods allows for Bengal Protea to be the only supplier of goods for nearly 80% of our clients. We care deeply for the health and happiness of our clients and their customers, and as such, do our absolute best to provide everyone with our fair and honest pricing guide, which allows our clients and their customers to quickly find and acquire the best possible diamond within their budget.

Dropshipping and Order Fulfilment

With nearly 1 in every 4 transactions completed online, it’s important that we embrace the 21st century way of doing business. Our online inventory management system allows for our customers to easily request our diamonds and have us quickly send them to their clients. Bengal Protea can provide you dropshipping services and you can rest assured that we committed to providing only the highest quality goods and services. Our instant inventory updates ensures that no customer ever orders a stone that is our of stock, and our same day shipping with 99.88% accuracy and competitive product pricing allows you to compete and profit from your diamond sales.

We understand that our success depends on your success as an online seller, which is why choosing Bengal Protea as your diamond and jewelry dropshipping supplier for your ecommerce sales is something we appreciate and take seriously.

Additional Services


We can quickly and accurately provide you an appraisal for any jewelry piece, whether it be a diamond ring or a watch. Our appraisals are accepted by all insurances providers.

Diamond Certification

Have an old diamond that isn’t certified? Increase its value by getting it certified by the GIA. As a GIA premier member, we can help you certify your diamonds, which are often a requirement for insurance reasons.

Jewelry Design & Purchase

Looking for a unique design that need custom fabrication? Our fabricators have over 30 years experience and use the latest 3D CAD modeling technology to help you visualize your unique masterpiece.

Engagement Rings

Don’t let the big-box jewelry stores fool you with their fancy lighting. Our engagement specialists know how to make your engagement day absolutely perfect. Let our advisers create a custom piece that is sure to please!

Diamond Buying & Liquidation

For whatever reason it may be, we understand that you may need to part with your diamond and gold jewelry. Instead of selling it to a street dealer who will offer you 60 to 70 cents on the dollar, let us examine and make you an offer that we are sure no one will beat.