About Us

Excellence In Service, Exceptional In Selection


Bengal Protea is a diamond manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor. For nearly 25 years, our unmatched skill, knowledge, and passion for the industry has allowed us to become one of the most trusted wholesalers in the United States. We define ourselves as an upscale wholesaler and manufacturer with a focus on quality products and unmatched customer service.

With offices on 5 continents and in over 7 countries, Bengal Protea has the ability to compete with nearly every wholesaler and manufacurer in the Americas. Our offices are located in key areas of the world with every office focusing on a seperate area of the industry. The Americas division has the unique ability to specialize on the sales and service of loose goods while allowing sister offices to concentrate rough sales, buying, or manufacturing.

As an International diamond company, we strive to build long term relationships with our clients that are based on trust, integrity, dedication, transparency, and solidarity. With increasing competition from around the globe, we highly value our clients and consistantly work to exceed their expectations on a daily basis.

At Bengal Protea, we believe in carying a variety of diamonds from the everyday and most popular stones to some of the most rare and exotic pieces that the world has to offer.We know that our customers have clients that come from all walks of life, and feel that it is our duty to provide for our customers a wide array of stones to choose from. This creates a higher probability of sale and ultimately puts more money in both our pockets and the pockets of our clients.

Mission Statement

Today’s diamond market is a complex maze of that can easily overwhelm even the savviest buyers. At Bengal Diamonds, we dedicate ourselves toward earning your trust and providing you with an honest and exception experience that give you the confidence you need to grow and manage your business.

We do this by prioritizing our values, experience, and expertise among our employees, clients and stake holders so that we can continue to exceed the expectations of our clients and their clients.  Our master diamond inspector hand pick each item in our inventory and ensure that provide an extensive selection of only the finest quality diamonds.

Core Values

Our culture at Bengal Protea revolves around three core principles. These principles are deeply embedded in the products and services we provide our clients and serve as important core values that we Bengal Protea subscribe to.

Experience The single most dominant thread running through our founders and employees Bengal Protea is our experience in the world of Diamonds, Jewelry, and exotic gems. Our principals have an average of 35 years of experience and our employees have an average of 15 years of client engagement and consulting experience. Our clients will never have to worry dealing with inexperienced diamond graders and gemologists because we simply don’t hire inexperienced staff.

Expertise Along with experience, we place an enormous emphasis on Expertise. Our principals and employees hold multiple degrees and certification from some of the most prestigious and well respected universities and gemology laboratories in the world. Each of our principals and employees have been professionally trained to assess and advise on diamonds, jewelry and exotic gems.

Honesty With the introduction of synthetic lab enhanced diamonds, trusting your jeweler and supplier have become a top concern. At Bengal Protea we take extreme measures to keep our inventory stocked with only genuine, all natural, non lab-enhanced diamonds that come from conflict free zones. We believe in full transparency and will always be honest and upfront with the description of each diamond we sell, guaranteed.

Our Promise To You

Bengal Protea was founded on principles of diversity, integrity and accountability. We believe economic growth can, and must, be achieved with social and environmental responsibility.

We work with all members of the supply chain, from the diamond mine to the  retailer and the final buyer to ensure that our diamonds are handled in the most professional manner possible. We work to ensure that each diamond and piece of jewelry that we sell goes through a rigorous inspection and verification of chain of ownership so that we can guarantee the authenticity and conflict-free status of our goods.

Bengal Protea also takes pride in volunteering and donating to local community organizations. We believe that it is our social responsibility to not only help ourselves, but also lift and the help the world and people around us. To date we have donated tens of thousands of dollars to dozens of organizations in need. We continue to look for and contribute to meaningful causes and exercise social responsibility in the best ways possible.